Random Acts of Kindness

Hello Stars!

Its probably one of the first times in eons that we are all dealing with something together - not just the human condition as you're reading this - but a global pandemic. Its often been too easy to look at others suffering through a situation - a war/famine for example - and to feel quietly safe that it isn't happening to us - as its not in 'our country'. Not so in 2020. 

Although 2020 has been a crushing and debilitating year so far for most of us wouldn't it be a nice thought to think that it may bring us globally closer together? To be less 'separate' and more compassionate towards the global whole? We all feel pain, suffer loss, feel unwell sometimes and need love - really the separateness we feel isn't real. 

So! That brings me to the title of this post. How many of us are mindful of trying to GIVE rather than GET from others? How many of us practice kindness? Well truthfully I know many people that do, I try to make it part of my daily experience when I can. I know there is much good out there.

I stumbled across a really cute website called Good Deeds Day Its a really fun and informative way to think about how we can help others by doing little things that, if we all did them, would create a ripple effect across the globe. Check it out - share it with your children. Macro and Micro kindness all makes a big difference. 

Good deeds can range from small things like opening the door for someone to larger things like big tipping the Uber driver who is juggling 3 jobs and trying to put herself through college.

We are all responsible for each other and we are here on the planet for such a limited amount time - so lets make it count! Lets lift each other up when ever we get the opportunity. Sure its great to have 'stuff', and its especially awesome to take lovely vacations, but its worth remembering that if/when we are lucky to take those vacations its normally how we are treated by others that makes it such a great trip. Winning big is way more fun and enriching if we can share our wins with others. 

Man in Rio, Brazil giving his shoes away to a homeless young lady 

This picture speaks volumes doesn't it? This Random Act of Kindness brings this young lady to tears. 

This picture obviously went viral (as it should) and that in itself is a testament as to how much the majority of us are moved about random acts of kindness. It cost this man nothing (relatively) to hand over his shoes but it meant so much to this young lady who is obviously impoverished but who also most likely has not experienced much kindness in her lifetime. Imagine if we all consciously went about our daily lives like this man?

Imagine if we all went about our days trying to encourage, motivate and inspire others! Imagine. 

We are all Stars!


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