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Get up and be MOTIVATED!

Hello Stars, I trust and hope the world is being kind to you.  So what gets you motivated? Life can be a bit of a hamster wheel cant it? However here we are. So we have various choices in life: Do we search for happiness in gaming, gambling, drugs, porn, lose living, non-accountability, lies and or spending money we don't have - just so we can fill a void - the void being the hamster wheel?  Well, these measures are proven to be a slippery slope and most certainly not advisable. Of course in the plethora of activities to enjoy in life there maybe wiser choices to fill up ones time. Maybe trying many different activities to find 'happiness' then subsequently finding out that they don't provide longterm happiness isn't such a bad thing - but be measured - be safe. The end result will always be the same.  If you're looking for joy outwardly its going to be a long tough road.  Alternatively, we could change our mindset.  We could start (for example) to look at the t

Random Acts of Kindness

Hello Stars! Its probably one of the first times in eons that we are all dealing with something together - not just the human condition as you're reading this - but a global pandemic. Its often been too easy to look at others suffering through a situation - a war/famine for example - and to feel quietly safe that it isn't happening to us - as its not in 'our country'. Not so in 2020.  Although 2020 has been a crushing and debilitating year so far for most of us wouldn't it be a nice thought to think that it may bring us globally closer together? To be less 'separate' and more compassionate towards the global whole? We all feel pain, suffer loss, feel unwell sometimes and need love - really the separateness we feel isn't real.  So! That brings me to the title of this post. How many of us are mindful of trying to GIVE rather than GET from others? How many of us practice kindness? Well truthfully I know many people that do, I try to make it part of my dail